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Internet plus the new development trend of the security alarm
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The anti-theft alarm throughout the market, from twenty years ago to introduce products to the domestic brands now occupy most of the market, China's anti-theft alarm industry experienced a rebirth, imitation, innovation, independent research and development of a series of growth process; the rapid development of Internet technology makes the whole era has undergone tremendous change in the market the biggest problem perplexing, every enterprise the face is how to locate their own development.
Obviously, the anti-theft alarm of a problem facing the industry is the new enterprises such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance, but no significant progress in the development of new markets, direct market competition, resulting in average profits of enterprises is relatively small.
Although from 2000 onwards, China anti-theft alarm industry showed a trend of rapid development, sales volume and total sales of anti-theft alarm are at an annual rate of 30% - 60% range high speed rise, but this does not mean that all enterprises in the industry can be tasted the sweetness of this cake, if the burglar alarm enterprises blindly embrace traditional market not to open up new markets, it is not difficult to conclude that it will be eliminated by the intense competition.
In the new round of competition in the market, only the pure imitation does not seem to live for a long time, the market does not exist, the buyer's market is dominant, which requires companies to uphold the "artisan spirit of good industrial R & D, some user favorite products. The concept of "Internet plus" to the anti-theft alarm industry provides new opportunities for development, means that the anti-theft alarm industry has entered a new round of reshuffle. Internet plus burglar alarm and the depth of integration will bring new development trend:
First, the depth of integration between subsystems
Although in recent years, the traditional single anti-theft alarm is also gradually integrated with other security subsystems, but the use of the market as a whole is not so common. There are two reasons for the analysis. First, the use of multiple subsystems, although it will improve the accuracy of prevention, but the cost of use will increase. Two is the integration between the subsystems is still in the primary stage, the user is not known; even if a small number of users, but because the technology is not mature, the linkage between the subsystems is the lack of humanization design makes certain users to use a certain degree of difficulty.
With the concept of Internet plus the "Internet of things" and "big data", gradually infiltrated into the production and life. In the next few years, anti-theft alarm fusion between subsystems will be more simplified and easy to operate, user-friendly design and platform development will make the anti-theft alarm and access control, intercom, surveillance, intelligent Home Furnishing industries continue to blend together, and ultimately the formation of integrated security system, the security of all subsystems are integrated the integrated alarm system of computer platform.
Two, anti-theft alarm enterprises diversified development
After a period of development and precipitation, the comprehensive strength of enterprises has been continuously improved, and the demand of users has gradually shifted from the integration of various systems to the needs of the whole package. This requires anti-theft alarm companies have the ability to design solutions.
With the reshuffle of the industry and the impact of the Internet, enterprises should gradually return to the rational, diversified direction, open a new situation in the anti-theft alarm industry. Enterprises or independent research and development of the product in the package, or seek cooperation with related enterprises, but in any way, it must have the ability to design their own user programs. On the current market demand, customers prefer one-stop shopping, obviously save time and effort, save worry.
Three, anti-theft alarm products for civilian use
At present, anti-theft alarm system is used in some large state-owned enterprises, although it is also used in the civil market, but very few. The civilian market still use the most like some infrared cheap products, but these products because of its own characteristics will cause themisinformation problems, so that they lost the confidence of the anti-theft alarm system.
Thus, the anti-theft alarm and the process of industry development, facing the most civilian road fatal bottleneck is the product of the obstruction, and to solve this problem mainly from two aspects: a change of people for the cognitive concept of anti-theft alarm products, two enterprises to achieve "civilian products from the function design and service the level of innovation".
In the next few years, anti-theft alarm industry will gradually flourish in the civil market, however, how to operate a good civil market, it is not difficult to think:
Good is the first condition to attract consumers, the product preferences ultimately attributed to its function, but now the anti-theft alarm products is still too complex and professional, enterprise can with practical basis to simplify the product function, but the premise is to ensure the quality of products, thus can be cost-effective in the face of the people, to win the trust.
The crisis in the presence of homogeneous, enterprises should put the focus to service enterprise network construction, let the service spirit to the whole enterprise marketing network, is as large as possible to spread the service network, let the product to service "is no longer a dream.
With the rapid development of the times, only by constantly following the trend can we seize the opportunities and win the development for the first time. Has been committed to high-end markets, perimeter alarm products flying laser, as a traditional manufacturing enterprises, but also in the tide of the Internet rapidly into the transition stage.
In today's increasingly updated electronic products, flying laser has introduced new products to adapt to the development of the perimeter security industry. order