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Several principles to be taken into account in the purchase of burglar alarms
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Buy anti-theft alarm principle 1, product quality. Product quality does not represent product function, the user can understand the function of the product before purchase, but for quality, we often need long-term use to be tested. For the vast majority of users, the anti-theft alarm products is still relatively unfamiliar, so how can choose to ensure reliable quality products? The outward, we can from the following three aspects preliminary judgment:
1., the legality of the product. Whether the product has been approved by the state public security department and issued a production license, whether the compulsory certification by the state 3C, etc.. Note that the 3C logo and not quality mark, and only one of the most basic safety certification, some indicators it represents the safety and quality of qualified products, but it does not mean that the product performance is also excellent.
2. are there any factory information?. High quality products must have advanced hardware and software technology, with advanced and mature production testing technology and equipment, so as to ensure product stability and reliability. At present, the problem of false positives anti-theft alarm products is still a let users headaches, branded products are confronted with such problems as can be imagined, once encountered shoddy products we too much to handle the bombing.
Currently on the market many anti-theft alarm related products had no origin, name and address, telephone and other manufacturers, such products are often difficult to guarantee quality, such as the purchase of such products, once a problem users are not prosecuted.
3. quality guarantee clause. The product quality guarantee clause reflects the strength and quality of the factory to a certain extent, such as the promise of return and the length of warranty period. Usually the more protection, the more reliable the quality of the product. Just imagine, if a manufacturer dare to provide unconditional return guarantee, you will worry about the quality of its products?
Buy anti-theft alarm principle two, product availability. The burglar alarm according to the building area, structural characteristics, property value, environmental and other multiple factors to consider, but there are several general guidelines: wired mode, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, low cost devices, and can be applied to new buildings in the reserved connection line within the walls; but the poor mobility, inconvenience to adapt to changing customer requirements and products; wireless mode can avoid the influence of indoor decoration connecting line between the probe and the host, has the advantages of flexible and simple, but there are also vulnerable to external factors of interference, the device cost is relatively high.
Buy alarm products should choose the right according to the specific conditions of the user, each alarm equipment have their own characteristics and conditions of use, for example for the plant, will generally choose electronic fence or on the radio detector, and for the business office area, area installed anti-theft alarm products can be set in an important place. Enterprise users in the installation of anti-theft alarm products, not only the pursuit of multi-function or high prices, nor blindly pursue low prices, the most important thing is to share it.
Buy anti-theft alarm principle three, perfect after-sales service. Although the anti-theft alarm products have been popular, but it is not like other household electrical appliances as are easy to use and simple to use, often need to go through professional installation and debugging, to avoid in the process of using more or less of this or that problem. And some of these problems are the quality of the product itself, and some may be the installation and use of problems, these problems are not each user can solve themselves, many require professional staff to solve. However, the after-sale service of the anti-theft alarm industry is seriously lagging behind, and there is still no professional maintenance service available on the market. Therefore, users must pay attention to whether the product provider can provide a complete after-sales service, otherwise it is difficult to guarantee the long-term effective use of the anti-theft alarm products purchased.