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Home security market boost modern alarm technology innovation anti-theft alarm
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Industrial users for alarm service demand is started from the financial system, with the popularization of our country economic development and network communication, such as transportation, health, culture, education and other industries have appeared for a huge market demand for networking alarm service.
Networking alarm industry can be described as quite ancient security, but now replaced by video surveillance, but its importance can not be ignored. Especially in modern times, the development of the civil market, anti-theft alarm in the family automation under the impetus of renewed. IHS's report, the global market for burglar alarms, points out that the demand for residential security in the US is heating up rapidly. The study pointed out that the next three years, the U.S. residential burglar alarm product penetration will be based on the current 20% increase of 5%-8%. At the same time, since the basic anti-theft alarm system is the core of any home automation system, the continuous penetration of the home automation system will also provide the driving force needed for mature markets.
Family security market, according to the actual situation, can be divided into one area security team, two is security door market. In the city road junctions, overpasses, often see security guards on duty there, in fact, with their duty guard, robbery cases have been less. In domestic large and medium-sized cities, almost 70% families have installed anti-theft door and anti-theft net, and developed, our country, the United States, Japan and other families rarely install anti-theft door and anti-theft network.
Security and fire research analyst AdiPavlovic IHS believes that from a regional perspective, the integration of family management is quite popular in America, thus greatly accelerating the penetration of anti-theft alarm products to the housing industry; followed by Europe, ranked second, with rising energy costs and reduce carbon emissions increased demand for energy management functions become an inevitable trend.
How to use modern alarm technology to protect family security
The household alarm security system can play an effective role in protecting houses, preventing theft, reducing vandalism and burglary. General anti-theft means to civil air defense and anti - matter (such as security doors, iron guardrail, etc.), if the conditions, then the use of technical means of prevention will be twice the result with half the effort.
Installation of infrared anti-theft alarm device. The alarm device is in working condition, can emit invisible infrared light, as long as people enter the control range, device immediately alarm, if there is a thief entering, residents can immediately find the thief, and I don't know, often without a fight. If our large screen, LED digital infrared shooting, intelligent laser shooting, etc., can achieve this effect, the false positive rate is very low.
Two 、 install electromagnetic code door lock. When you install the lock, you must press the password first, otherwise you can not unlock the lock. If you pry the lock, the alarm device will give an alarm sound. This will disturb the neighbors or indoor, one can scare away thieves, thieves can also be captured two.
Three, actively cooperate with, and actively participate in the city community alarm network system. The user to install alarm equipment, in case of dangerous situations (such as burglary), the alarm will automatically stand by the preset alarm, the alarm device of the police station immediately and automatically displays the user's exact address, the police can quickly the police arrived at the scene and arrested the perpetrators. Our company has a variety of networked alarm host, very convenient and practical, and also can set their own mobile phone number or fixed number.
Smart home anti-theft alarm more intelligent
This year, the smart home industry can be described as "wind and water", smart home, home anti-theft alarm is responsible for the protection of the lives of residents and property security responsibilities. For most families, security is always the first; in the family anti-theft, fire prevention, gas protection in front of intelligent multimedia control systems like clouds. With the alarm device entering the home, using home alarm and monitoring platform to build smart home center has become a new choice. Home alarm system can be controlled by dialing telephone, SMS, mobile phone, APP and computer, so as to realize two-way real-time communication, portable and easy to access the network.