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Where is the burglar alarm installed more effectively?
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Today, people's awareness of anti-theft has also made great progress, some families pay more attention to the application of smart security, in the family, understanding anti-theft alarm knowledge, for the safety of their families are crucial. At present, more and more people pay attention to anti-theft, and the corresponding security products - burglar alarm also goes into every household, stand guard for users at any time and place. But after all, not everyone is "technical residence", if the anti-theft alarm installation location is improper, it can directly affect the effect it plays. So where exactly is it better to install it?
The main purpose of our burglar alarm is to guard against theft. Many thieves have long before detection of the location of the crime, so the burglar alarm must be installed in a relatively secluded place to prevent thieves from doing damage. Many times, there are many users to buy the alarm, directly installed in a more conspicuous place, intended to frighten thieves, but the fact is quite different.
Many professional thieves for security equipment understanding has gone beyond our imagination, skilled thieves can easily crack anti-theft alarm. Therefore, we should pay attention to the anti-theft alarm equipment using dark loading way, not to the perpetrators left behind the destruction of targets and create anti alarm conditions.
In addition, the anti-theft alarm pipeline also need to pay attention to concealment, in order to prevent thieves destroy the pipeline. But the location of the pipeline depends mainly on the real estate developers, so that we do not have our own two construction. Embedded protection tube should be convenient and flexible trunk bridge connection, for later use threading device convenient as may prevent a small diameter cable in each through a protective sleeve.
Anti-theft alarm into every household, in order to achieve better anti-theft effect, anti-theft alarm installation location is still very important. Users in the installation of more attention to installation location, in order to allow anti-theft alarm at home when no one to protect the family property security, so that you do not have to worry about outside the home.