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  Position name:
Mechatronics Engineer
  Job requirements
  Job responsibilities:
1., responsible for the company's equipment planning, selection, to determine the company's production process and technical requirements of equipment, technical requirements and targets;
2., responsible for equipment technical transformation project;
3., do a good job of installation and debugging of main equipment and auxiliary equipment;
4. be responsible for technical analysis of the difficult problems in the operation of the equipment, and guide the maintenance personnel to solve the problem;
5. take part in the maintenance and repair work of equipment;
6. timely and correctly handle the emergency handling of equipment support;
7. complete other tasks assigned by the leader.
Job requirements:
1 、 college degree or above, major in instrumentation, automation, communication, electronics, mechatronics or related;
2 、 familiar with the installation specification of electrical equipment;
3 、 familiar with CAD and OFFICE software;
4, hands-on ability;
5 、 more than one year electrical, automatic programming debugging experience;
6 、 good team spirit, responsible and responsible, identify with our company culture;
7 、 good communication and communication skills with customers;
8 、 good ability to learn and accept new things;
Release time: 2019-03-30
Deadline: 2017-09-30
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