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Hardware technician
  Job requirements
  Job responsibilities
1 、 assist hardware product testing;
2. Assist the hardware engineer in debugging;
3 、 can use the common office software to sort out the test and debug reports;
4, complete the preparation, the hardware required for the development model of welding work, including welding and installation of small components;
5 、 complete the software and hardware development and testing required assembly of the prototype;
6 、 responsible for the maintenance of prototype defective products;
7 、 responsible for routine maintenance and management of hardware lab and internal test instrument.
Qualification: 1. With more than 1 years work experience in welding factory, skilled in welding tools;
2. Understand basic circuit principle, understand schematic diagram, have experience of electronic product maintenance is preferred;
3, familiar with oscilloscope, multimeter and other test equipment skills are preferred;
4 、 familiar with component and electronic component performance identification;
5, gentle personality, steady and careful work, can bear hardships, strong sense of responsibility, good team work spirit;
Release time: 2019-03-30
Deadline: 2017-09-30
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